Jeff and Rod begin their off season analysis by looking at 2021 Browns players who are now Free Agents, Restricted Free Agents and Exclusive Rights Free Agents. The guys also go over key dates between now and the draft and look at the Browns draft capital.

Bill Petrello (@Petrorock44) joins Jeff and Rod to take a look at the 2021 season. The guys discuss the coaching staff, offense, defense, special teams and front office. Who performed well and who didn't? 

Browns fan Susan Fisher (@Brownstown76) joins Rod and Jeff to discuss the debacle against the Steelers and the upcoming season finale. 

The group discussed the meaning of these games, the future of some players and find some bright spots to take from Monday's loss. 


Joe Iuppa (@joeydoves77) joins Jeff and Rod (@CleRodB) to rehash the Packers game and look ahead to the Steelers game.

The guys also talk about:

- The Browns playoffs chances.

- Play calling at the end of the Packers game.

- The legacy and importance of John Madden.

- Joe and Rod's common interest in sports collectibles.



Peter Jones joins Jeff and Rod to rehash the Browns crushing loss to the Raiders. The guys also preview the upcoming Christmas Day game with Peter's Green Bay Packers. Do the Browns have a shot? 

Merry Christmas from the Browns Blitz!

Menachem Ickovitz (@menudo_man) joins Rod (@CleRodB) to talk all things Browns including:

 - Ravens game wrap.

 - Myles team sack record.

 - Are the Browns cursed?

 - Should games be postponed or forfeited due to COVID?

 - AFC North remaining schedules.

 - Score predictions for the Raiders game.


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Peter Jones (@The_IT_Hedgehog) joins Jeff and Rod to discuss the Browns as they sit at 6 - 6 at the bye. What adjustments are needed? What can the outlook be for the team if the proper adjustments are made? Will the benefit of the bye give the Browns the advantage they would like when they host the Ravens next Sunday?

Tommy Dee (@wtfbrowns) joins Rod and Jeff to discuss the Lions win and the big game coming up in Baltimore! The guys talk about Baker Mayfield at length, including whether he should be playing hurt and who's making that decision. Season records are discussed and how many wins will be needed to make the playoffs this season. Tommy Dee attempts a coup during the pod and much more....



Jeff and Rod try to make sense of the Patriots loss and where the Browns are as a franchise. Who is to blame for the inconsistency and where do we go from here?

Shelley Harcar (@shelley0514) from The Grueling Truth joins Jeff and Rod (@CleRodB) to break down all of the happenings in Cleveland over the past week. 

 - The OBJ release.

- The destruction of the Bengals.

- Extensions for Teller and Bitonio.

- Browns with Covid.

- The upcoming game against the Pats.

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